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Welcome to Bidrealm’s Blog March 7, 2008

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Welcome all to Bidrealm.NET’s online blog.  Bidrealm.NET will be officially launching on March 29th 2008.  If you have ever been at a loss when trying to find a quality plumber, electrician, contractor or other professional to do work on your home, our online network is just the place for you.  Bidrealm.NET is the web’s 1st ever Real Estate Active Labor Marketplace.  A 100% FREE network where homeowners can logon and post auctions for projects that they need done, such as landscaping, building a deck, etc.  Our registered vendors can then place bids for these projects.  No more walking through the yellow pages or relying on a word of mouth recommendation.  Bidrealm.NET gives the homeowner choices by facilitating a place where vendors compete for the homeowner’s business.  As for the Vendor.  Now the “small time” sole proprietor can better compete with the large companies.  Professional landscapers, contractors, architects and others can supplement their income, and build their businesses.  Please fell free to check this blog for website updates and relvant industry information. 


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