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Richard Davis- TV, Baseball, Lawsuit, & King of the Flip July 31, 2008

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Richard Davis, the President & CEO of Trademark Properties of Charleston, SC has proven time and time again that he is the King of House Flipping and an overall good guy.  If you have not yet seen it, be sure to catch the reruns on TLC of the episode of Real Estate Pros called "Homerun for Trademark" when Trademark Properties took on a project that was nothing short of honorable in restoring the home of late baseball great, Shoeless Joe Jackson whom was banned from the game in 1920 for alleged conspiracy to fix the world series.  This great deed was spawned by one of Richard’s sons, a baseball player too.  In true Trademark fashion, Richard and his team of Real Estate Pros took the project down to the wire after cutting the house in half and moving it to a new location and restoring it.   But as always, he delivered on time, and with quality work that Shoeless Joe would be proud of. 


In this same episode, Richard being the baseball fan that he is, managed to help a fallen baseball hopeful and purchase a minor league team, all in a day’s work.  Former MLB draft pick Josh Hamilton, whom may be formally known for his previous drug and alcohol abuse which eventually led to the demise of his career, is a good friend of Richard’s.  Richard assisted Josh with work while training to return to the league, and acted as a positive mentor.  Josh Hamilton has since become sober, changed his life, gone on to play for the Texas Rangers, and is an All-Star in Major League Baseball.   Check him out @ http://mlb.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=285078.

Richard is not only the King of the Flip, but an all around smart and diversified businessman.  In addition to a successful Real Estate company, franchising & helicopters, he has now invested in the purchase of a minor league baseball team.


Take a look at http://www.flipthislawsuit.com/.  This site is dedicated to giving the low-down on Richard Davis and Trademark Property’s recent lawsuit regarding a contract breach with A&E, and Trademark Properties not being reimbursed correctly for the hit television show, “Flip That House“.  According to this site, this is the reason that Richard and company have since started a new show on TLC titled “Real Estate Pros“, and since then, “Flip That House” and A&E’s poor attempt to replace Richard Davis with other crews in Boston, San Antonio and Atlanta have fallen short.  Let’s be truthful.  Trademark Properties is truly THE REAL DEAL.  They are professional, experienced, and don’t go through the crazy unorganized situations that these other teams do on television.  Be sure to watch Real Estate Proson TLC.  We look forward to the new season of the Original and King of the Flip.  No imposters.  Just the REAL DEAL.  Richard Davis & Trademark Properties

Check out http://www.trademarkareapartners.com/ & http://tlc.discovery.com/guides/property/real-estate-pros/real-estate-pros.html to read more on this topic.


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