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Remodel for less & save BIG June 16, 2008

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Be sure that on your next home remodel, you remodel for less & save BIG.  Check out this article @ http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/real_estate/0704/gallery.save_on_remodel.toh/index.html, courtesy of CnnMoney.  They have listed key ways for you to accomplish this.  Check it out.

1.  Repair rather than replace

2.  Roll up your sleeves (Of course you don’t need to when you saving BIG with your FREE Bidrealm.NET membership, http://www.bidrealm.net.)

3.  Little demolition

4.  Rob Peter to pay Paul

5.  Use luxuries selectively

6.  Adjust your circumstances

7.  Add detail with paint

8.  Stick with stock

9.  Be open to shelves & doors

10.  Reuse existing materials

See the full article w/ pics & in greater detail @ http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/real_estate/0704/gallery.save_on_remodel.toh/index.html



Use your Tax Rebate for home improvement May 5, 2008

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In a recent post by Tracy @ www.bobvila.com, she states that 24% of U.S. homeowners are considering using their tax rebate/economic stimulus check for home improvement.  This may be a great idea.  Use this money to build equity in your home and have it pay you back.  Invest in your home, and put it to work your financial future.  And ofcourse, once you get that rebate check, visit www.bidrealm.net, and register for FREE to find that quality home improvement professional to complete your desired project.  Such projects can include, landscaping, kitichen or bathroom upgrades, repair, plumbing, electricical work, painting, siding and much more.  So check out the following link to the referenced article, and then register @ www.bidrealm.net.  Take that tax money and invest in yourself.


Courtesy of BobVila.com