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Believe in Baltimore? HELP SAVE A CITY! (Part 1) March 5, 2009

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There are TOWNHOMES in inner city Baltimore, Maryland near the harbor selling for $1,000,000.  The rich are buying, while the poor are dying.  Listen up people, there is no reason why a Metropolis city with a working harbor, thriving businesses, Professional Football and Baseball teams, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Universities, that is located only a couple of hours away from our nation’s capital should struggle this way.  People are moving in, such as President Bush’s newly married daughter Jenna, but they are being sure to keep their distance from the real dirt that is Baltimore.  This city has become synonymous with poverty, drugs & crime.  The city of Baltimore started their little famed “Believe”campaign years ago, yet we see very little action taken or progress made in rebuilding this stricken city.  $1 million homes still sit just steps away from burned out row houses and boarded up buildings.  Most of the residents of Baltimore City rent, yet the buildings are nowhere near up to code.  Are the landlords of the tenement buildings being held accountable?

We talk a lot about home improvement on this blog.  But it is now time to give back, get serious and speak on a topic that is near to both Bidrealm.NET founders. 

We are challenging local residents, contractors, builders, and others to network and do what you can to save Baltimore & yourselves.  Follow in the footsteps of Bidrealm.NET co-founder, Travis White, and flip these homes, bring out their value, rent them to someone whom needs it during this recessive economy, and make some money for yourself and stimulate the market in the process.  Baltimore is a hidden gem and has much more potential than its given credit for.

Famous for Crab Cakes, The Inner Harbor, Ray Lewis and the Ravens, Cal Ripken Jr. and the Oilers, and even Sisco and Dru Hill.  There’s a lot to be proud of here.   Not just Fells Point and the harbor, but the heart of Baltimore, where the real citizens live everyday.

Let’s save a City

To be continued……………………………..





Checkout Bidrealm.NET on Socialtalkr.com July 23, 2008

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President & Co-Founder Lorenzo Dickerson spills the beans on Bidrealm.NET with Socialtalkr.com.  Learn all about how the company was founded and what is to come.  Bidrealm.NET is the web’s 1st ever Real Estate Active Labor Marketplace that has filled the efficiency void in the home improvement industry with it’s FREE online site. 

Get the goods at http://www.socialtalkr.com/.

Co-Founders Travis White & Lorenzo Dickerson after the race April 9, 2008

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Tired but worth it, the Bidrealm.NET founders pose for a photo opp.

After the race, Bidrealm.NET co-founders Travis White (left) & Lorenzo Dickerson (right) take a rest and pose 10 miles victorious.  This year’s race benefited the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad.  Check out the web’s 1st ever Real Estate Active Labor Marketplace and register for FREE!  Post home improvement projects & place bids on available projects.  www.bidrealm.net

Bidrealm.NET & the Charlottesville, VA 10-miler April 9, 2008

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Bidrealm.NET\'s co-founders running the Charlottesville 10-miler

Don’t FORGET! March 25, 2008

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Don’t Forget to come out this Saturday, March 29th @ 7:45am to support Bidrealm.NET’s fearless founders as they participate in the Charlottesville, VA 10-miler benefiting the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad.  Lorenzo Dickerson & Travis White will be hoofing it with 2300+ other entrants for a good cause.  Be sure to look for those wearing Tees with the Bidrealm logo on the back.  We will be around the course at different spots during the race, and the parking lot of U-Hall and inside the cage immediately following the conclusion.  Feel fee to ask us for FREE bidrealm information. 

Check back soon to this blog as well as out other online business locations for photos and video of the race.  Just click on:






Bidrealm Founders in Charlottesville, VA-3/28/08 March 7, 2008

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Come and support the Bidrealm.NET founders, Lorenzo Dickerson & Travis White as they run in the Charlottesville10-miler on March 28th 2008.  Look for the T-shirts with the Bidrealm logo.  GO BIDREALM!
Check out the Charlottesville 10-miler @ http://www.cvilletenmiler.com
Benefiting the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad (http://www.rescue1.org)